Hardscape - Stone walls, patios, paths, fences and decks

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If you can dream it, we can build it!

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Consists of the non-growing solid elements of landscaping

Stone walls, patios, paths, fences and decks are good examples

We specialize in Dry-Laid Stonework. We have also constructed beautiful mortared and veneered walls.

The art and beauty of stonework is a landmark that will stand the test of time. Our attention to detail will not only please your sense of style but will be a lasting environment for your continued enjoyment.

Stone can be custom-cut when desired for patios, steps, capstones, etc. Pre-Cut stones are used for projects which will meet your design needs.

We will expertly evaluate the lay of the land to produce an environment which is not only beautiful and functional, but also enhances the natural look and feel of your property.

Our creativity with the use of materials will integrate the existing slopes, rocks, trees or landscaping. We are Vermonters and understand the challenges of our weather fluctuations. After careful evaluation of your site in conjunction with your requirements and budget, we will recommend a construction plan that accounts for the vagaries of the Vermont climate. These considerations will include items such as drainage, heavy snow, rain or ice, plowing, and frost.

All of our work is customized to your requirements. We will offer you a tour of our work as well as using our creative talents to make your project unique and lasting.

We are able to work with most materials (stone, brick, wood or any combination).

Stone Walls - Dry-Laid, Mortared or Veneered

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Our walls can be ornamental

Create property boundaries

Function to change banks or areas which were previously not useable

Used in combination with patios, steps, walkways, or entryways to form a complete outdoor area.


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We offer a significant variety of styles and construction.

Designed to fit in with the characteristics of your property as well as your lifestyle.

Small or massive, our patios are functional and unique.

Walkways and Entryways

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Our work features saw-cut stones or natural edges.

We will work with you to create a dramatic and safe way to approach your home

Stone Pillars

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Form an entry to your driveway, line the driveway, house your mailbox, include motion sensors, lighting, gates.

Numerous options available for construction and materials. Can be made on or off-site.


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Combine your imagination with ours.

Our steps are functional as well as designed to specifically fit your property.

Use accent lighting to ensure safety and add ambiance to the setting.

Fences, Decks, Benches, Crib Walls

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Fences for boundaries, separation or decoration
Many styles of decks
Benches - use any combination of stone, wood, formal or rustic.
Built to be comfortable and sturdy.
Put in the garden or on a patio for a peaceful place to relax.

Firepits and Barbeques

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Barbeques can be built-in to your new or existing hardscape.

Firepits can be in-ground or raised.

Excellent alternative or addition to traditional charcoal or gas grills.

Jacuzzi Enclosures

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Settings designed for above-ground or inset.

Combine with a patio, benches and accent lighting for year-round use.
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