Winter Services

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We offer a full slate of winter services with a guarantee to respond quickly regardless of holidays, weekends, day or night.

We are committed to our customers and assure that you can safely get in or out all season long. We carefully monitor the weather to keep our crew alerted and our vehicles ready to roll.

Radio dispatched or scheduled, as required.

Commercial or residential properties. We own multiple heavy-duty plow vehicles and dump trucks. Driveway plowing can include backdragging in front of garage doors and entryways.

Shoveling & Snowblowing.
Will arrange with each plowing session or with a separate visit. Areas not accessible to a snowblower will be hand shoveled assuring you of clear access to all areas of your home. This may include the front of garage doors where it is not possible to backdrag with the plow, entryways, decks, stairs or porches.

Snow removal from your roof can decrease the chance of ice backup and dams at the eaves which has the potential to cause leaks.

Bucket Loaders
For winters when we run out of space to put the snow with our plows, resulting in a narrow driveway, we have two bucketloaders in our fleet of equipment. This service can be included in your seasonal contract or on a per-time basis. We will contact you if this service is required as our main concern is to keep your driveway open.

Our fall cleanup service includes winter preparation. We will mark driveways and other structures to minimize potential plow damage and facilitate complete and safe snow removal.

Sanding and Salting
We maintain a sufficient supply of salt and sand to meet all our customer’s de-icing needs. You can leave it to our discretion or call us when you feel you need this service. We own 3 tailgate sanders and utilize our dump trucks to allow us to stay out for longer periods of time which translates to better response time for you. We can normally get to your location within an hour of your call.

De-icing when performed on a regular basis may be more economical since it does not allow for multiple layers to build up which would not melt easily and require multiple visits. This option will be explained to you based on your property.

Seasonal Contracts
Our contracts run from Nov 1st through March 31st. The contracts are personally designed for your requirements. We offer "hidden features" with our contracts such as:
Garbage pickup with per bag cost only
Preparing the house for your arrival - heat, lights, water.
Providing food or other necessary staples.
All your requests are considered.
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