Landscaping - Lawns, Plantings, Outdoor Remodeling

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We are the one company to call for installation, restoration, maintenance or change. Do it gradually or let us put our team together to create a beautiful outdoor area for you to enjoy all year round. Combine landscaping with stone walls, steps, benches, patios or accent lighting.

We will be happy to evaluate your property and assist you to select options which not only make it unique and personal, but also fit within your budget. We offer free initial consultations and estimates. Revisions during the project are always available and we will consult you before any changes are made to pre-agreed-upon designs.

We will customize our services based on your property.

We offer complete lawn services from sodding or seeding, renovation, mowing, trimming, vacuuming, fertilization and soil testing.

We own a full line of equipment and personnel to get the job done quickly and efficiently with beautiful results. Our team will schedule your property with the least amount of disruption.

We will handle all our services on a schedule or on request.

Complete lawncare services and maintenance

A full line of equipment to handle all your landscape needs including mowers with 72 inch, 60 inch and 52 inch decks, a 72 inch reel, push mowers, 4 trimmers and 3 backpack blowers.

Mowing options include tractor with or without vacuuming, hand mowing for small or hard to reach areas and cleanup. The vacuum option is a good way of keeping grass clippings out of your house.

Trimming of edges, lawns, ditches and banks to provide a professional, finished appearance.

We utilize backpack blowers to free all areas of leaves, grass clippings or summer debris.

Fall Cleanup and Winter Preparation

We perform the job efficiently with out leaf vacuum and blowing system. Raking leaves into a pile is eliminated. The blowers pick up the leaves and the vacuum loads them into the truck. Removing the leaves in the fall is preferable to the spring as they are dry instead of wet and heavy in the spring. Leaves left on your lawn will damage it.

Winter preparedness

Staking of the driveway, stonewalls, buildings, well heads, gas tanks and sewer pump stations for plow detection
Custom Shrub covers and burlapping to protect plantings against cold and wind damage
Gathering and hauling debris from all areas with special emphasis on areas which will be plowed or shoveled.

Spring Cleanup

These services include but are not limited to:
Dethatching. We own equipment which will remove the dead grass from the lawn thereby allowing the moisture to seep into the roots and promotes penetration of the fertilizer. Since some thatch is needed to keep the roots from drying out, a core sample will be taken and evaluated.
Removal of shrub covers
Winter debris removal such as tree limbs, branches, twigs, dead leaves
Sweeping of sand, gravel, etc from the lawn and other landscaped and paved areas which accumulated during snow removal or high winds.
Renovation of lawn due to winter damage which can include topsoil, reseeding and fertilizing.

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